Friday, 29 June 2012

Modern Medallion Progress

Handstitched :: Class ::  week 2 was all about embroidery.   It is the most time consuming week of all the classes and I'm so glad that Rachel has allocated a week of 'space' to give us time to digest the projects for each week's lessons. 

For this installment, Rachel told us what needed to be done for the embroidery borders.   She showed us how to fill the HSTs with running stitches and taught us how to make the satin stitches for the Satin Jewels.  

I've focused solely on the Modern Medallion quilt for the past 2 weeks as I wanted to get all the embroidery stitching on the borders done before the next lesson.

My HSTs running stitches :

It took me slightly over a week to get all 48 HSTs embroidery done.

My satin stitches :

Finish the last Jewel this morning.

I'm not too happy about my Satin Stitches though as I find the first 4 jewel stitches loose in certain areas.   I kept telling myself that this is a learning process but at the same time I thought of re-doing them!   I'd probably unpick them and do it all over again after we're done with Handstitched Class.

Rachel has also prepared 3 small embroidery projects for us - a headband, a stitch sampler needlecard and sashiko coasters. 

I did the needlecard last week and used these stitches to decorate mine.   The card is made of kraftpaper (which was included in the student kit) and backed with felt for sliding needles into it.  It measures 2" x 3" - a good alternative to pin cushion for those projects on the go, don't you think!?

From top : backstitch, double threaded backstitch, coral stitch,
up & down blanket stitch, double knot stitch, herringbone stitch
Back of needlecard

I've planned to do the sashiko coasters over the weekend and will definitely make the headband along with the flocked tank from week 1 later.

I am enjoying the class so far and love looking at my classmates' renditions too!  Looking forward to next week, where we'll be doing one of my favourites - English Paper Piecing!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Liebe Farahlin,
    das sieht super aus. Mit der Stickerei hat der Block eine ganz tolle Wirkung.
    Bin gespannt, wie es weiter geht.
    Liebe grüße Grit

  2. Your stitches look great! Your running stitches are so perfect and straight.
    You should be so proud of yourself.
    I haven't started any of mine yet. If mine is even half as neat as yours I will be very happy.

  3. Hello Farahlin,

    I do love your little embroidery sampler. It is so cute and a great resource to have on hand.

    Happy days.

  4. Everything looks great!! I love how your medalion is coming together!

  5. I love your embroidery! From where I'm looking it looks absolutely perfect! And the needle card is so cute too. I'm looking forward to seeing your next week's work. I too love paper piecing. Have a lovely weekend too with hopefully some time to stitch. V x

  6. Your stitches looks great FarahLin, and yes, it takes time to learn something new and so what when it doesn't look perfect in the beginning..... I think that you made a gorgeous block.

  7. I think your embroidery looks wonderful! This class is great! It sounds like you're learning so much. Can't wait to see more!!

  8. I think your stitches are looking great! Embroidery is an art that takes. Bit of practice but when you get comfortable with it will be so soothing to do. That's an odd word to use but I find it calms me when I'm needing it the most. Blessings, Marlene

  9. Your medallion looks great. I had hoped to get done this week with mine, but it looks like I'll still be working on the jewels this upcoming week, but oh well. Enjoying the process and learning, that's all that really counts.

    I do love your needlecard. I think the stitches you chose were very fun!

  10. Beautiful work Farah...Love your fabric colors!

  11. HI Farah, I love your quilts! I have always wanted to make one but I get stuck when it comes to choosing fabrics. I found your site from the Sew Many Ways Find a Friend Friday. I am following your blog and would love it if you followed me back.

  12. Just lovely! Absolutely love your running stitches and the colors! Yes, we would all pick them out just to satisfy ourselves, but really it looks wonderful!

  13. Looks really fabulous. Congratulations on getting that done, I hope mine turns out anywhere near as nicely! And also, if you feel you have imperfections (which sure aren't visible from here), it's easier to cherish them than to redo them...that's my party line at least!

  14. Your dogwood stitches look so nice! And I like your stitch sampler. I don't recognize the one in yellow thread-- what stitch is that?


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