Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tippecanoe blocks and a hooky project!

Week 11's block installment for the HFWYG? QAL is called Tippecanoe.  It's a 5" foundation paper pieced block and there are 4 of these blocks in the full quilt.   Here's my take on it...

Block #1:

Block #2 :

Block #3 :

Block #4 :

And here they are all in a row...

These were so easy and fun to make!   You can find the tutorial here if you would like to try it out!

It's been awhile since I've last crocheted something and I've decided to use some of my leftover yarns and got hooking during my son's soccer practice recently...

Very 70's don't you think?  The pattern is made up of a mix of 2/4/6/8 and 10 round squares using chain and double crochet stitches.   It worked up quite quickly and I LOVE the colours!   These crocheted squares are destined to be a cushion / pillow cover.   I hope to share with you the finished pillow soon!

Till then have a lovely week ahead.

I'm linking up with Connie at Freemotion by the River :


  1. Hello Farah,

    Lovely blocks, they do look good all in a row. I do love the brightness of your crochet, yes 70's orange is back!!

    Happy days.

  2. Lovely blocks you have made!
    The crocheted squares are a bit 70's, and I think these colours are popular again.
    Have a nice day!

  3. You're blocks are looking great FarahLin. The crocket squares are gorgeous too, love to see the finished pillow cover.
    Greetings Roos

  4. This blocks are so fantastic.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  5. Love the blocks, just wonderful

  6. What a cute block! Love the crochet - so bright!!

  7. Fantastic bee blocks and I love the 70s crochet!

  8. Beautiful quilt blocks and your crochet is so neat.....I still love the 70s colors! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  9. Hi Farah, I can't get over how beautiful your blocks are, I love them!
    I think 70's is back on trend I can't wait to see the finished pillow, the colors are so bright and cheerful. Great work.

  10. Your blocks are stunning... both kinds! I think I did my last crocheting in the 70's (granny squares) and I love the whole retro trend.

  11. Super block must try it sometime.

  12. Your blocks look great! I love seeing them all together in different fabrics. Your crocheted blocks are definitely bright and 70s style! Hope you show us your pillow soon!!

  13. Great quilt blocks look forward to seeing the finished quilt. Crocheting is a great on the go project, so portable. Love the colours

    Cheers Pauline

  14. Lovely block.. looks a bit complicated too.. I dare not to try complicated block as it will ends up in my UFO (UnFinishedObject) box hihi.
    The crochet blocks are gorgeous too.. never done any crocheting so far..

  15. Love your new blocks! I just printed the patterns and and look forward to making it (love PP), when I have a minute. I'm helping organise our yearly quilt exhibition next week and there's always a bit of running around just before the event. Your crocheted blocks are great too; so cheerful!

  16. Very pretty blocks. I still scare of PP, so I don't have a gut to try making one. Great crocheted squares! Love the colors :)

  17. I love the 70s crochet squares - they almost look neon, also very in these days! Those little canoe blocks are so cute!

  18. cant wait to see what you make with the crocheted blocks!


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