Saturday, 26 May 2012

May 2012 Giveaway Winners are ...

Thank you to all 148 of you who participated in this giveaway!   I love reading the best handmade gifts received by all of you.  Thanks again for making my giveaway a success!   It was fun and may become a frequent thing on my blog... whoot!  Your comments were so appreciative and encouraging... 

For the draw, I've separated the names according to the 2 colours preferred - red / blue, thus I couldn't use the random number generator.  So, I did the old fashion way... cut the comments up, dig deep and pick a winner for each colour choice!

The winners of the Japanese Knot Bags for Sew Mama Sew's May 2012 Giveaway Day are....

Amy Butler's Wine Paradise Garden Japanese Knot Bag :

Sydney Cole

Blue Japanese Print Knot Bag :


Congratulations Sydney and Michell!  I will get in touch with you via email to get your address and I'll mail the package right out to you.

I had so much fun visiting your blogs ( haven't quite finished visiting all of you yet, but I'm looking forward to it ) you all are a talented bunch!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I'm so excited!!! I'm an obsessed knitter and have been wanting a project bag (more exciting than my trusty ziplock) for ages. Thank you so much!!! :-)


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