Saturday 8 December 2012

Hexagon Shell Pouch

Hi Everyone! I would like to share with you another pouch that I've made for the Happy Pouch Blog Hop hosted by Emily of Mommy's Naptime and Elaine of Dashasel Sews for week 2.

I've found the tutorial link for making this pouch here but I've made mine slightly bigger.   Since I love EPP, I thought making 1/2" hexagons for the exterior would be fun - these hexies are the smallest I've done thus far!   Here are pictures of the pouch making process...
I've used fabric scraps to make the 1/2" hexies.   Started this project 3 weeks ago and it took me a week to finish piecing them together.

I love pockets thus I've added pockets on either side of the lining.

Then I've  hand quilted straight lines on a diagonal using quilter's tape as guide.   Since it is a small piece, I finished hand quilting it within two days - doing it when I have any free moment to spare.
Trimmed quilted piece

Then I've pieced a 1 1/4" binding strip around the top edges by machine and hand sewn the strip to the back.

Below are the pouch assembling stages I'd like to share with you...

Handstitched about 3 1/2" on each folded sides ( stitched till where the zipper begins on one side and ends on the other )   I've used a 12" metal zipper for this pouch, then I've boxed the corners and this pouch has a depth of 2".   Then on to the zippers...

Above is the zipper pouch process - I've hand stitched just under the edge of the binding seam to attach the zipper.  I've added x's at the edge of the zipper to give it a neat finish.   It may take longer to sew the zipper on using this method but I've enjoyed the process.

Here you can see the stitches just below the binding seam where I've attached the zipper to the pouch.
And ta-da!! The finished pouch!


I've also made a needlebook last week!

I've used my AMH Lou Lou Thi scraps  and  pieced the exterior using the qayg method.   I've added pockets, made a cloth button and a charm string to wrap around the button for closure. This mini needlebook measures at 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" closed.  

My finished pouch measures at 6 1/2" height x 9" wide x 2" depth.   To sum it up, I've enjoyed the whole pouch making process - it may take longer to finish since there's alot of handstitching involved but it was totally worth it for me!   Hope you'll check out the tutorial, ( it is in Chinese but the pictures are self explanatory ) and maybe make one for yourself!?
I'll be linking up to the Happy Pouch Hop Flickr group and hope you'll visit to see all the other lovely pouches made during the Hop!
On another note, my family and I will be leaving for a 2 weeks holiday next week!   So, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my season greetings to those who'll be celebrating Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!  Hope the new year brings good health, happiness and success to all of you!   Thanks for visiting!

Saturday 1 December 2012

Open Wide Zipper Pouch and a Needlebook

Happy Little Pouch Hop has begun!!   Thanks to Emily of Mommy's Nap Time  and Elaine of Dashasel Sews for hosting and planning this!

I've decided to join in the fun and made a sewing pouch using Anna's (Noodlehead) fantastic tutorial!   This pouch has been on my 'must make' list for a while now and after seeing Emily's, Katie's and Elaine's pouches on the Hop, I've finally got to work!   Truth be told, based on my previous zipper experience, I was abit intimidated by it.   But with Anna's great tip - basting the zipper first before sewing, it help alot!

Anna has provided three different pouch sizes and here's my small sized open wide zippered pouch version!

I've made two patchwork strips using mostly prints from Suzuko Koseki then pieced them with Taupe Essex Linen/Cotton for the exterior.   I've also done some handstitching along the patchwork edges using Ecru Pearl Cotton No. 8 before assembling the pieces together.

I've used a textured Japanese cotton fabric for the lining.   The zipper pull tab is made from canvas label - I've pieced two labels together and handstitched the tab to the end of the zipper.
I've also made a mini needlebook using the same prints from Suzuko Koseki to go along with the pouch.  The needlebook inspiration came from Chase's version here.



I've added pockets for the interior to store my thread cutter and stitch picker.   This mini needlebook measures at 3" width x 3 1/4" height (closed)

I ♥ my new sewing pouch and needlebook and can't wait to start using them for my EPP project on the go!

You can find the link to all the other great tutorials on the Happy Little Pouch Hop here.   And if you've made one during the Hop, you can add your's to the Flickr Group for a chance to win great prizes each week!   Hope you'll join in the fun!

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Have a lovely week and thanks for visiting!

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Value Dance Quilt

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has shared their experiences using flannel as backing and thank you for those great batting suggestions too!

I've finished my version of Rachel's Value Dance Quilt for the Value Added Quilt Along and I am pretty proud of how this project turned out!!

in black & white

I love learning more about colour and fabric choice and this project has taught me alot about value and how to use that to my advantage.   This is the first quilt I've done without buying new fabrics - these fabrics are from my stash and remnants from previous projects.   This is also my first project mixing fabrics from different lines to make a quilt ( something I've never done before ) - usually I'll use fabrics from the same line as I know for sure that the colours and prints will match each other perfectly.

I've quilted straight lines, outlining either sides of the diagonal hour glass seams and extended them onto the borders.   I've used the same border fabric - Triflora print from the Lou Lou Thi collection for the binding.  

The backing is from the Flannel Pretty Paisley Garden collection - cream with multi coloured dots and I've used Warm & Natural cotton batting in between.   This quilt finished at 53" x 62".

Overall, I am so glad I took up the challenge and this is yet another favourite quilt that I have made thus far.

Happy Quilting and thanks for visiting!

Edit to note:

I'm linking up to the Value Added QAL linky party happening over at Leila's of Where the Orchids Grow.   Hope you'll check out the other quilters sharing their lovely value added quilt creations.

Monday 19 November 2012

Tote Bags

Hi Everyone, I'd like to share with you two handmade gifts that I've made for my nieces ( a long overdue one I might add!)

First up is this library tote bag.  One of my nieces loves anything that has hearts on it and this was what I came up with!


Add caption
I did a 7" x 6" patchwork piece - 1" squares using mostly pink fabrics (her favourite colour), cut out a heart shape pattern on the front piece of the bag fabric and blind stitched them together using the reverse applique method.     I've also hand quilted the heart shape 1/4" away from the seams using Pearl Cotton No.8.  

For the back, I've fussy cut the girl on the swing from Fly a Kite collection for Riley Blake Designs and framed it with the same Essex Linen/Cotton as the front.   I've used Hopscotch print from Sarah Jane's Children at Play collection for the remaining back piece.   Isn't the girl adorable!   I've used the same pattern as the Liberty Tree Tote that I've made during Handstitched Class.   It measures at 12.5" width x 14" height without handle.

And here is the other tote that I've made for her older sister.   For this one, I've used Elizabeth @ Oh, Fransson!'s quilt as you go method for the blocks but I've done my log cabin wonky style.   These blocks were mostly made from my leftover scraps.


For the handles, I've used cotton webbing, I chose Floradots in Violet from Erin McMorris' La Dee Da collection for the lining and added pockets to it.   This tote bag finished at 15.5" width x 14" height minus the handle.

I've enjoyed this qayg method and eventhough it has used up 2 spools of quilting thread, I do love the effect it gave.   I'm thinking of making another one for myself! ;)

Hope you'll have a lovely week ahead and thanks for visiting!

I'm linking up to Pam's Threading My Way with Threading Your Way Bags & Totes Linky Party

 and Wendy @ Handmade Harbour's Handmade Monday

Thursday 15 November 2012

Value Dance quilt progress

I've made the on point squares for the Value Dance quilt over the weekend.

Then I started playing with the 40 hour glass and 40 on point square blocks.   It's lots of fun to play with colour value!   This was the layout I had planned originally...

However... I started playing with them some more while piecing them together and ended up with this arrangement instead! 

Due to me being lazy at not numbering my rows, I got my light and dark on point squares mixed up!   I've only realised after seeing this photo of the finished pieced patchwork!   Did you spot my mistake?   Anywho... I've unpicked the bottom rows and I'm happy to report that my first value quilt top is complete!   I could not be happier with the end result...

Value Dance quilt

Value Dance quilt in black & white
I am so pleased with this one.   The layout really makes the colour value pop and my worries of not being able to tell light from dark are no more.   Again, I followed Rachel's tutorial over at Stitched in Color and ended with this beautiful result.   The finished top measures 53" x 62", a perfect lap/couch quilt!

I'm thinking of using flannel for backing as I've not used one before.   I'm also thinking whether to omit the cotton batting altogether as flannel alone is warm enough for the warm and humid climate in my part of the world.   Any thoughts or suggestions??

As for quilting it, Rachel has done straight lines outlining either sides of the diagonal hourglass seams and I'm planning to do the same as I'm not sure what else to do...

Happy quilting!

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Give Away Winners !

Thank you all so much for entering my give away last week!  I love reading each and every one of your comments and thanks for sharing your random facts!  A big warm welcome to all you new readers, I love having you here!

Ok, on to what you really came here for.  Mr. True Random Number Generator has picked # 137  as the first winning entry which is KellyS:
and # 7 as the second winning entry which is Oops-Lah :

Congratulations to Kelly and Vreni!   I'll be emailing each of you for your addresses and send off your package once I hear back from you!!

And thanks everyone else for playing along!!  =)

Sunday 11 November 2012

HFWYG? quilt along update

 I've finished a few more blocks for the How Far Will You Go? quilt along.

Week 13 :  Crazy Ann Block  - 10.5" unfinished

We've used foundation paper piecing method for the half rectangle triangles.

Week 14 :  Farmers Daughter Block - 10.5" unfinished

Week 15 : Pinwheel Skew Block - 5.5" unfinished

The centre pieces were foundation paper pieced and these blocks had partial seams around the border. 

Week 16 : Wandering Foot Block  - 20.5" unfinished

I have run into a problem with piecing "Y" seams for this one.   Even after numerous attempts and more unpicking, I wound up with stitches visible on the front and puckers in the corners!   I'm thinking I just might unpicked them again and sew the "Y" seams by hand and I while I'm at it, I'd want to redo the curve piecing as the one on the left side of the block doesn't seem flat!

Hope you'll have a great week ahead and thanks for visiting!