Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hexagon Progress

My hexies have grown..... a month into my charm quilt and  I've stitched 679 hexies together.

I am still stitching them in strips of 9s and 10s then attaching them into sections of 30 hexies each.  These hexies are stitched together everywhere I go but home.  That's what I love about English Paper Piecing - its versatility and ease to make just about anywhere.  The only thing I've done at home with my hexies is piecing the sections to the large piece.

This is what I have done so far

I have tried to not let any of the same colors or collections touch and when it happened once or twice ( ok like a few times ) I did not pick out my stitches, left it as it is - just like what a random quilt would look like!

I do have about 290 hexies sitting in an empty biscuit tin waiting to become attached to its friends.

So how is your work in progress coming along?


  1. I just love your hexies HarahLin, It looks like a flowerbed...beautiful.
    How big are you gonna make it?

  2. You've got a new follower!!! :) I love this mini hexies!! Sooo pretty!!!

  3. Hullo there!

    Fabulous hexies!!! I wish I had half your patience!

    PS. I've a surprise for you over at my blog :-)

  4. Love your hexagons! I'm also working on a hexagon quilt but I've been knitting more and have put it aside. I really should get back to it. Yours looks awesome!

    1. Thanks Rosemary, would love to see your progress on the hexagons on your blog someday. =)
      Knitting has always been my project on the go but it has been on the back burner eversince I've started on these hexies. Will definitely get back to finishing up my shawl once this baby is done!

  5. Wow, your hexies are wonderful! Love all the colors!

    1. Thanks Ginny, love what you've done with yours too =)

  6. wow.. i never count my hexies.. hehe..

  7. Wow, das wird auch wunderschön.
    Liebe Grüße Grit


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