Saturday, 21 July 2012

More Farmer's Wife Blocks

I had a little time on my hands early this week and decided to put together a few Farmer's Wife blocks.

I've made some fairly simple blocks hoping to catch up with my friends in my quilt group ( they've done 46 blocks to date ) and here's what I've pieced so far...

Rainbow Flowers :

Prairie Queen :

Postage Stamp :

Practical Orchard :

Ribbon :

Seasons :

6 new blocks, making 38 total and 63 more to go!  I've really missed these darling little blocks and if I get the chance, I'd like to make 8 more to be able to catch up with my girlfriends.

I'll be linking up to Katie's Parade Day over at There & Back :-

Have a great weekend !  =)


  1. Die Farmer`s Wife Blöcke sind sehr schön. Ich freue mich auf die nächsten 8.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  2. They look great! A good amount to have done this week. So next week we'll see 8? ;)

  3. Wonderful new farmer's wife blocks, they look great and beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend

  4. Beautiful blocks, Farah! I was thinking about how you were doing with them and you just posted :) When you'll have the 8 more done You'll be almost half way!

  5. Your blocks are perfectly pieced, as usual! I love the fabrics you used. I can't believe you're doing so many! Can't wait to see more!!

  6. It's looking great! Love your blocks and of course the fabric you are using. xx

  7. Your blocks are looking great FarahLin, I love your bright colours. I'm sure you're going to catch up with the other lady's.
    Greetings Roos

  8. Hi FarahLin,

    your Farmer's Wife Blocks are very beautiful.

    Greetings Manuela

  9. They look great! Just keep working away,you will catch up! I cant wait to see the finish!

  10. Hi, I have a little surprise for you... go check it out on my blog :)

  11. HI FaraLin, I love all the your blocks. You did a great job. I can't wait to try some (or all) of those blocks.

  12. I really like your color choices for these blocks - your finished quilt is going to be gorgeous! blessings, marlene


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