Friday, 13 July 2012

Week 3 of Handstitched :Class:

We've done some English Paper Piecing for last week's installation to the Modern Medallion quilt.  Rachel has made one alteration to the classic Storm at Sea blocks, where she removed the tiny half square triangles and square in the corners of the blocks and replaced them with a 1" square just to simplify things for us.

These Storm at Sea blocks were meant for the corners of this round in the quilt.  We had to attached the blocks to the solids patchwork strips and it wasn't easy for me!!!  After a few failed attempts to sew exactly to the edge of the outer points of the blocks to the patchwork strips, I've opted to handstitched these blocks and found it easier to get them right.

Round 3 is done and I am not too thrilled with my top!  You don't have to look closely to be able to see the little waves around the inner and outer borders.   I know I've stretched some parts of the fabrics when I did the embroidery and that might explain the waviness.  I wanted to use lighter shades of solids but went ahead and use what I have on hand instead.  I'm hoping the fabrics used in the next round will help balance out the solids patchwork strips.   I did put up a different photo ( the top was laid, not hung) to the group pool but remove it a day later - too embarrased as I find it looked terrible!!!  I did get some feedbacks whilst it was in the pool though and I'm really hoping with quilting, the top will lay flat and also hide my inconsistencies!

On to one of the small projects from English Paper Piecing week - Star Blossom Stretched Wall Art.

I've completed this block last week but have yet to applique it to the background fabric which will then be stretched onto a painters canvas.  The Star Blossom block measures at 13 7/8" in height.  Even though it's meant to be a wall art piece, I am still considering on what to do with mine - wall art / tote or maybe a start to another quilt !?!? hmm I don't have to finish this piece now so I'll have plenty of time to decide my options.

I am working on another small project from EPP week and hope to share some pictures with you soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Well, I know that it doesn't matter, but I love your quilt! The fabric you chose way back in the beginning got me excited about it, and I absolutely loved the solids you say weren't your first choice. Sorry you don't like it right now, but maybe you just need to step away for a time. I kind of was over mine until I walked away for a time, then started adding the solids patchwork (I used shot cottons for that, and I think that mine are pretty wavy too). I noticed that my medallion square wasn't square either from the stretching of embroidery. I could square it with the extra fabric you had on it, but you aren't the only one.

    Also, awesome fussy cutting with that star blossom.

  2. I love your medallion. If you add some stronger colors in the next round I think it will balance nicely. I think the value difference is going to make this piece shine.

    And I love, love, love your star. What fabulous fabric selections and fussy cutting!!! What is EPP week?

    I also took a chance to look through your previous posts this week. I love all your paper pieced quilts and especially your charm quilt. It gave me the boost to keep moving forward! :)

  3. Your medallion looks perfect really neat

  4. I'm sorry you're not happy with the quilt but I'm sure you'll pick the perfect fabrics for the border that will make you love it again. I could comment on it, but it doesn't matter what I think, your's is the opinion the counts :)

  5. I think your quilt is looking fab!

  6. I think your quilt looks fine and whatever imperfection you see will be quilted out. It's not a major problem so I'm sure it'll be fine. Your star is impressive! Just beautifully done!

  7. Your quilt looking great to me even though you might not that happy with the is part of the learning process anyway. Your star block is really lovely!!

  8. You worked very hard and then it's a pity when it's not what you've expected. I hope that quilting makes everything right.
    Your star looks great FarahLin.
    Greetings Roos

  9. Wow, you had another busy week. I love your EPP block - that could indeed be the start of a new quilt ;). I'm sure your quilt will lie flat once you've quilted it. I've read about blocking quilts to make them flat, but I've never tried it myself (just an idea)
    Have a great weekend also.

  10. Hello Farah Lin,

    your Quilt-Top an the Star Blossom Block are beautiful.

    Greetings Manuela

  11. I think your quilt will come together Farah! You are "in the thick of it" right now and it still has more to come! Whatever waviness you have will work it self out when quilted I bet!
    Your star blossom is awesome! A pillow, tote, wall art, center of a table runner, all would be a wonderful way to show it off!

  12. I really love your Star Blossom! I will try hard not to say anything else complimentary about your quilt until you are happy with it ;)
    No...wait I can't do that. Yours is the first one finished to this point that I thought would make a perfect mini all on its own.

  13. I love your star blossom, lovely colors.

  14. I really like your quilt waviness or not! I think these colors look great,you have a lot of contrast. Someone suggested to put a strong color border next round, that's what you should do and the value difference will pop it again.
    Your star blossom is absolutely stunning! I love the way it looks, hope you'll use is for something very special! Another medallion quilt, maybe? :) Have a wonderful weekend!


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