Thursday, 15 November 2012

Value Dance quilt progress

I've made the on point squares for the Value Dance quilt over the weekend.

Then I started playing with the 40 hour glass and 40 on point square blocks.   It's lots of fun to play with colour value!   This was the layout I had planned originally...

However... I started playing with them some more while piecing them together and ended up with this arrangement instead! 

Due to me being lazy at not numbering my rows, I got my light and dark on point squares mixed up!   I've only realised after seeing this photo of the finished pieced patchwork!   Did you spot my mistake?   Anywho... I've unpicked the bottom rows and I'm happy to report that my first value quilt top is complete!   I could not be happier with the end result...

Value Dance quilt

Value Dance quilt in black & white
I am so pleased with this one.   The layout really makes the colour value pop and my worries of not being able to tell light from dark are no more.   Again, I followed Rachel's tutorial over at Stitched in Color and ended with this beautiful result.   The finished top measures 53" x 62", a perfect lap/couch quilt!

I'm thinking of using flannel for backing as I've not used one before.   I'm also thinking whether to omit the cotton batting altogether as flannel alone is warm enough for the warm and humid climate in my part of the world.   Any thoughts or suggestions??

As for quilting it, Rachel has done straight lines outlining either sides of the diagonal hourglass seams and I'm planning to do the same as I'm not sure what else to do...

Happy quilting!


  1. Love the colors you chose and the pattern they make. Two blocks can create so much movement! Another gorgeous quilt!!

  2. Wow! You did a fabulous job with this quilt. The colors are beautiful and I love the border!

  3. It is beautiful! I've used flannel without backing before when I've used flannel for the top and backing and it has worked fine. I can't remember if I ever used regular cotton and flannel without batting though. . .

  4. Wow this quilt is amazing Farah! You have done an amazing job with the colors and the pattern.
    I have not used flannel for backing yet. But I was reading about quilting and not using batting for a light weight quilt is a good option of you want more of a summer quilt. I am looking forward to the big reveal.

  5. Wow, so beautiful. I like this quilts.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  6. Wonderful. A beautiful Top.

    Best wishes Manuela

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your quilt top, Farah.

  8. I love the value dance quilt you've "thrown together" over the weekend. And if you wouldn't have mentioned the mix up with light and dark, I wouldn't have been any wiser ;). I like to use a very thin batting in my quilts to use in the tropics; it's called Hobbs Thermore. xx

  9. A great quilt! Love it in black and white and in colours!

  10. How fun...great job. You are making me want to get back to quilting...just for fun.

  11. Love it Farah, it looks amazing and I love your fabric choices for the 3 borders which are across the values too. I've used flannel without batting very successfully, but just as Beth said, I used it for the quilt top and backing sheet so I don't know how it works with a cotton top and a flannel back. :)

  12. Hi there! I've been meaning to comment on some of your beautiful work for weeks, but never got round to it :(
    But I really must this time coz this top is just lovely!

  13. Lovely! Is it bad that I couldn't tell the difference between your two layouts? Duh!

  14. Hello Farah,

    Such a pretty quilt. Seeing things in the black and white photo really helps with colour choice. Flannel for the backing will be wonderful, with your climate I understand why you wouldn't want to put wadding in the quilt.

    Hope you enjoy the final stage of this quilt.

    Happy days.

  15. Haha! When you said "then I came up with this arrangement" I was like - did she mean to do those two rows at the bottom that way? But then I saw you swapped it! It looks fantastic Farah - and I am really glad you put the picture in b&w as well - it reminds me of a deck of cards all laid out. What a fun quilt!

  16. lovely... love the bright colour..

  17. Your Value quilt turned out wonderful Farah!
    I have had summer quilts where there was a cotton sheet where the batting normally goes and then the flannel backing. It was lightweight and worked very well. Happy New Year!


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