Monday, 19 March 2012

2011 Finishes

Besides the Flower Garden which you can read about it here and my Baltimore Album here, these are the other quilts which I've completed in 2011.

I've made another Baltimore Album quilt for my dearest mom (since she loved the one I made for my bed) and gave it to her as a Mother's Day gift. I used Sindy Rodenmeyer's Baltimore Blues pattern which I've purchased from Fat Cat Patterns awhile back.

Before Binding (left) and After
I started this quilt early last year. I hand appliqued the blocks and assembled the top within 4 months, I sent it out to my LQS for quilting as the batting were too thick and my needles kept breaking!  I was ambitious to tell them just to machine quilt the blocks and sashings and that I'll be hand quilting the side and corner triangles. However due to time constraint, as you can see the picture above, I commissioned my good friend Nordzie to help me with it.  She knew how tight my schedule was, so she went a step further by finishing the binding for me! It was so sweet of her! 

Lap Quilt measures 60" x 85".

This Log Cabin quilt was made for my daughter, Syairah. She wanted a bright and colourful quilt to cover her bed and she did play a part in selecting the fabrics for her quilt.

Assembling the blocks were abit of a challenge in the beginning but overcomed it after a few boo boo. The process of seeing the blocks coming together was really exciting and I couldn't wait to see the end product.

 I machine quilted 'in-the-ditch' and managed to whipped this baby up in 3 weeks!

The quilt is 56" x 65".  The colours gave a modern look to the traditional design and am glad my teenage daughter loves it!

Another finish for 2011 was a prayer mat. It was a request made by my sister-in-law, Eka Zahra, and I thought it would be nice to make it as a gift (since it was mentioned a few months prior to her birthday).  I wanted the mat to have a more subdued colour and chose neutrals which also happened to be her favourite!

I used one of the designs of the blocks I've made in my previous BA quilt and made it as a header in this mat. I've hand quilted the block and machine quilted the rest.

The prayer mat measures at 28" x 42".


  1. I just found your blog and I think you make wonderful works. I really love each one of the quilts.

    Nana from Germany


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