Thursday, 29 March 2012

QuIP (Quilt In Progress)

Just a quick post on the hexagon charm quilt I am working on. Eventhough I am using a random layout, I have decided to lay out the 974 basted hexagon first in order for me to distribute similar fabrics throughout the quilt.   I've numbered them based on rows and sequence before putting them away in shoeboxes. Tedious I know but I think it's worth it!   It's just my way of making sure that the colours and collections are well distributed.

 one and a half inch hexagon pieces
I started sewing the hexagons together in strips recently using hand quilting thread and I have used the whipstitch method for attaching the hexagons. 

My plan for now is to sew these strips of ten together and then attaching them to my largest piece once I've created a small section. I like this method because it's portable. I can sew strips together just about anywhere.

Above, I sewed the two rows together (I'm alternating strips of 9 and 10 hexagons). Then I would lay out another strip trying to get a nice color distribution and this would make up for one small section.

This is what I've done thus far....

The sections above contain 30 hexies each

Happy Stitchin' Everyone! :)

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