Friday, 16 March 2012

My Flower Garden Quilt

It all started with this photograph which I saw in the Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine, Vol 18 No 9.
I love hexagons and thought that it would be a nice project to start off after a long while (1995 to be exact) when I last made my daughter's baby quilt. 

This is my very first big quilt. It measures 85" x 95".

I started this project in January 2010 and completed it in February 2011.

There are more than 4,000 hexagon pieces in there, all hand-pieced and hand quilted. 

I used Marti Michell's 3/4" hexagon template to cut and mark my fabrics. These hexagons were pieced following Marti's dot-to-dot piecing technique.

After completing the centerpiece, I've appliqued it to the borders as I wanted to keep the hexagon shaped edges. I stitched 'in-the-ditch' for the hexagons and used variegated thread for the borders.


I wanted a crinkly, vintage finish thus I did not pre-wash the fabrics prior to cutting.

LOVE the traditional look!

Even though it took me about 13 months to complete this project, I have enjoyed the whole process of it!


  1. Hi Farah. I must say this quilt is awesome! I can't believe that someone can have the patience to hand sew 4000 hexies together and then hand quilt it too and in that space of time. I would have put it in the too hard basket after about a week. Well done it's wonderful.

  2. It's fabulous and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just spotted this on Pinterest Farah and thought it was gorgeous. Then noticed it was made by you my friend. It the most beautiful hexie quilt I've seen. Xxx


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