Sunday, 18 March 2012

Baltimore Album Quilt

I've always been inspired by pictures of Baltimore Album Quilts in magazines and decided to make one.

This project started in mid 2010. My LQS had a series of BA BOM and with much enthusiasm I've ordered the templates and started immediately upon receiving them.

A few of the completed blocks before trimming to size
These blocks finished at 16".  I hand appliqued the blocks using my favourite needle-turn method.   It took 5 months to complete all 13 of them.

 I wanted to try a new layout so I set the blocks on point and pieced them on a diagonal by machine.  I used a green tone-on-tone fabric for the stars and a soft green solid for sashings.

I hand quilted all the blocks, side and corner triangles. Machine quilted 'in-the-ditch' for both sashings and stars.

Completed this baby in 8 months.

My Baltimore Album Quilt measures 103" square.

My hubby loves the fresh and vibrant colours of this beauty.


  1. slm..cantiknya quilting ni..tahniah...nak tanya sikit...material apa yg diguna untuk isian quilting ni..

  2. teruja sekali lihat hasilnya...boleh sy tahu bagaimana puan menghasilkan bunga2 pada blok2 terpilih..adakah guna teknik sulaman tanpal atau cantum..sekiranya tampal...apakah kemasan jahitan yg puan gunakan..t/kasih

    1. Salam, motif2 bunga itu ditampal dgn menggunakan teknik 'needle-turn' dan sy gunakan benang sutera supaya jahitannya nmpk halus dan kemas.


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