Sunday, 25 March 2012

Another Hexagon Quilt in the Making....

I've been paper piecing these hexagons for some time now and have managed to persuade one of my besties, Hafizah, to join me.  It's been fun getting hexies basted during the little bits of time and it is quite addictive to say the least.

I really like the idea of creating a colourful, random collage of hexagons.  My goal is to have a charm quilt, with no single piece of fabric repeating.

I chose 1 1/2" hexagons this time around thus I need 974 of them to make about 72" x 75" charm quilt.

I started out with scraps from my previous projects, also pulling from my fabric stash and ordered charm packs to get the number of hexies I needed. I did some fussy cutting (made my own template using transparent plastic-for finding perfect spot on busy prints) on some of the fabrics.

I've basted the hexagons following Lori Holt's of Bee in my Bonnet  tutorial.  I have about 1,100 of these babies all basted and ready to be attached to each other.  I've made extras with thoughts of adding a few for the backing.

At the moment, I'm treating this as a portable side project and one that I hope will not take a long time to complete! haha

Details on progress of these babies to come soon......

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